It’s time for $DANG
to burn all the dogs and frogs

Introducing ‘Dang’ – the cryptocurrency that’ll have you saying ‘Dang, that’s hilarious!’ Created from the depths of our imaginations, Dang Coin brings to life the wildest memes and the quirkiest characters in the crypto world. We’re here to prove that crypto can be a wild ride filled with laughter, not just charts and graphs. Get ready to embark on a journey where every transaction is an adventure and every hodler is a meme maestro. Join us in the land of ‘Dang’ and let’s turn the crypto game into a hilarious, unforgettable experience!”

Contract Address:


Why choose $DANG ?

 $DANG is here to give memecoins some parody. Fair launched with no blacklists, no free tokens, no presale, low taxes, 100% Liquidity Pooled, LP Burnt and Contract Renounced, Dang is a coin for the people, forever. Fueled by pure burnomics’s Power, let Dang show you the way.

Buyback and Burn Feature:

At the heart of the Dang ecosystem lies a groundbreaking feature: the automatic 1% tax that triggers buybacks and burns. This mechanism ensures the continual reduction of the token’s supply, creating scarcity and driving value for our community. Here’s how it works: with every transaction, a 1% tax is levied, and that tax is used to buy back $Dang tokens from the market. These purchased tokens are then permanently removed (burned) from circulation, reducing the overall supply. This innovative process not only benefits our holders by potentially increasing the token’s scarcity but also contributes to the sustainability and long-term viability of Dang. It’s a win-win for the Dang community, the other 1% tax is dedicated to automatically support the liquidity pool increasing the stability of the token fostering a dynamic ecosystem where value grows hand in hand with the spirit of evolution. Join us on this remarkable journey and be a part of the Dang evolution today!


Name: Dang | Symbol: $DANG
Tax 3% on buys and sells :
1% automatic buyback and burn
1% liquidity pool
1% marketing
Supply: 100,000,000

Dang Map

Prepare to groove because the $Dang roadmap promises a dance party like no other! While we’re keeping it under wraps for now, here’s the lowdown: once we reach 3,000 coin holders, we’re unleashing a roadmap extravaganza! It’s a sneak peek into the future, packed with jaw-dropping plans, thrilling milestones, and out-of-this-world collaborations. Rally your squad, spread the word, and let’s boogie our way to 3,000 holders to unveil the roadmap of endless opportunities. Get set to dance, shimmy, and sizzle with $Dang!